Background & Values

Statistical computing (SC) is at the epicenter of statistics and any national statistical production system all over the world. SC plays a supportive role all through the process, ranging from planning, data collection, data management and processing, data analysis and reporting. Simultaneously, like statistical computing, statistical methodologies require regular, timely and sometime impromptu updates as need may arise based on the problem at hand. The function of methodology development does not fit well in the Bureau structures neither does it fit in a statistical training institution. Hence, the emergence of the East African Statistics Institute (EASI) to bridge the statistics gap.

The East African Statistics Institute (EASI) was established to provide primarily a complementary role of research in appropriate statistical and computational methodology that facilitate production and sustenance of quality national statistics, innovative new or updated methodologies and introduction of statistics in new areas such as Geo mapping, environment and climate change, governance and human rights, etc.  This it does by working in partnership with the Bureaus of Statistics and the Statistical Training Centres.

EASI Vision: 

To be a Centre of excellence in development of statistical methodologies, statistical systems and software and their application in fields of research. 

EASI Mission:

To develop new and improve existing statistical methodologies and systems to be used in various fields of research and to institutionalize accreditation and membership procedures on statistical merit.

Core values and Objectives

EASI is committed to innovation and excellence in statistical methodologies for sustainable development. EASI has four core objectives that govern its operations:

  1. To develop and conduct specialized professional services in statistics and applications
  2. To be a center of excellence for development and improvement of statistics methodology in the region and beyond;
  3. To be a center of excellence for development and management of statistics systems using appropriate computing technologies;
  4. To institutionalize procedures for accreditation and membership based on statistical merit

EASI is a young Organization that has just been formed. Its experience in research and consultancies are the combined experiences of its Directors and Partners which are briefly outlined.

The East African Statistics Institute was started on the 28th of June 2015 to address the statistical gap that was identified. National Statistical Bureaus like UBOS are the principal data collecting, processing, analyzing and disseminating agency responsible for coordinating and supervising the National Statistical Systems.

The Bureaus endeavoured to coordinate the National Statistical System so as to ensure collection, analysis and dissemination of integrated, reliable and timely statistical information. On the other hand, Statistical Training Centres like SSP have the responsibility to train statisticians who provide the resource required to carry out the work of the bureaus and the Departments ministries and agencies that constitute the NSS.

EASI’s Strategic Thrust

EASI programs are based on the emerging needs of the client throughout the region. The Institute has continued to make sure that programs benefit from research carried out in the form of needs assessment and participants’ feedback. Research, Baseline studies and impact assessment will form an important part of EASI’s training and capacity building process.

Tailor-made programs will be undertaken to address clients’ specific problems and issues. These are normally conducted on request and at venues and dates convenient to the client.