It is our privilege to invite you to participate in the R!Camp I and R!Camp II training workshops. The goal of this workshop is to develop proficiency in R for data preparation and data analysis. Participants in this training will be introduced to the R packages and the RStudio software so as to cover data management, descriptive statistics, and data exploration including graphical displays (R!Camp I).More advanced topics will be handled in R!Camp II. These statistical softwares are rapidly becoming popular in many fields, mainly because they are widely accessible and offer the required tools for any competitive organization that desires timely information for decision-making. They are also helpful for using and teaching statistics.

The R!Camp is being organized by the East African Statistics Institute (EASI). EASI is a Centre of excellence in development of statistical methodologies, statistical systems and software and their application in the field of research. The Government of Uganda (GoU) through the Registrar of Companies licensed EASI to carry on the mandate of bridging the statistical gap, including, but not limited to statistical capacity building and innovative research. EASI supports institutions in developing capacity to utilize statistics as a critical tool in decision-making and policy formulation.

EASI is therefore committed to informed data-driven, result-oriented decision making. To this end it supports  institutions  in  application  of  statistics  in  various  fields  such  as  –  Human  rights  and Governance; Sustainable Development; Socio-economic, Health, Food Security and Agricultural Modernization, Monitoring & Impact Evaluations, Management & Information Systems, among others.

EASI has a Team of dedicated, experienced, highly trained and professional staff that work hand in hand with the client to handle all data management, analysis and graphical visualization needs. We also offer advice & guidance on the same to enable key stakeholders make key decisions based on the right statistics.

Participants will have time to work on their own data with the guidance of instructors and optional homework. The workshop will also focus on converting your knowledge of data analysis in other software into R. Statistics and data management are without doubt, an increasingly important aspect of a successful organization, company or business. Statistics play a very important role in informing policy in any organization and key decisions are based on them.

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