EASI has the capacity and experience to deliver practical, high quality training for its clientele within their own premises or preferred venue, meeting specific requirements and focusing the training on issues that are most relevant to the organization. Our tailored programs are designed with consideration of customers’ specific needs and are conducted at a venue convenient to the customer. There is growing demand for customized training as they are tailored to bridging the statistics gaps in organizations. With such programs, the client has the flexibility to determine the duration of the training, program venue and topics to be covered.

The benefits of our customized programs include:

  • All programs can be tailored to fit in with your precise training needs which are aligned to your organization’s mission, values and goals and suit your exact context.
  • In-house training is the most cost effective solution to improve performance for larger groups and offers employees opportunities for growth and development.
  • Offering maximum convenience by choosing optimal dates and preferred location.
  • We will conduct the training wherever and whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Tailor-made programs require a minimum of five (5) participants from the client organization to run the training.
  • EASI has vast experience and capacity and has so far conducted three (3) such training programs in the region.