Dr. Fabian NABUGOOMU is an Associate Professor of Statistics and Applied Computing, and currently, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Kyambogo University responsible for Finance and Administration including overall planning and development of the University, planning and development of ICT strategy, and oversight on the implementation of the 28 million dollar AfDB funded Estates and Assets management project. Formerly he was Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Uganda Christian University from 2006 to 2012, and Senior Lecturer and Head of Department of Mathematics at Makerere University from 2000 to 2005. He has extensive experience in value-based leadership and result oriented management at institutions of Higher Education.

Prof Nabugoomu obtained his PhD in Statistics (1994) from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland under the supervision of Prof H D Patterson, a Master of Science in Statistics from University of Guelph in Canada under the supervision of Prof O B Allen and a Bachelor of Statistics degree from Makerere University. Below are some of the accomplishments:

  • Lead and Managed the Faculty of Science and Technology (Computer Science & IT, Health Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Environmental Sciences and Computational Science) at Uganda Christian University: doubling its size in four years through innovative programs and recruitment campaign of students and staff
  • Lead and Managed the Department of Mathematics at Makerere University successfully transiting the department into a semester system and growing its faculty and research agenda. Supervised Teaching of Mathematics and Statistics in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Education and Institute of Statistics & Applied Economics (over 1000 students).
  • Designed innovative basic science curricula that promotes creativity and use of IT tools; Designed industrial experiments for the Banana Industrialization Project that led two development of new food products and four publications. Supervised over 15 students for MSc and PhD degrees
  • Authored a strategic ICT organization paper that provided the basis for the creation of Makerere University Directorate of ICT Support
  • Leader Financial Budgeting for Banana Industrialization Project for five years with annual budget of $2 million USD funded by the Government of Uganda.

He has been involved in many researches, report writing, statistical data analysis, capacity building and in this assignment will be available as data analyst.